Independent Director

Charles Muller serves as an independent non-executive Director on the Board of regulated Investment Funds and their Management Companies, both in the mutual fund (UCITS) and alternative (AIF) space. His recognized expertise lies in the compliance with general European and specific Luxembourg investment management related regulation.  

Speaker and Trainer

Charles Muller is regularly asked to speak to investment management “hot topics” at industry conferences. He also offers trainings on various regulatory topics relating to the industry and the impact of the EU regulatory agenda on asset managers in, but also outside the EU. Sessions include:
“The EU fund industry”; “What is a UCITS?” “What is an AIFM”; “The latest EU regulatory agenda”; “How Brussels works” …. 
He is a recognized trainer with the Luxembourg House of Training on sustainable finance and human rights

Public Policy Consultant

Charles Muller is in regular contact with Luxembourg and EU decision makers and influencers. He advises asset managers on their public policy strategy. He has also been a senior policy advisor to the Luxembourg Venture Capital and Private Equity Association LPEA

Sustainable Finance, Business and Human Rights
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